Make the sauce the star of the show

Traditional meal kits can be a real time-saver but they are not the complete solution. They are expensive and there is too much packaging. I also enjoy going out and being picky about my fruit and veg.

To me, the sauce is the most important part of a meal, requiring a lot of love, special care and attention. It can make or break a meal. Plus the jars of sauce you get in a supermarket don't really hit the spot and are full of preservatives.

I needed to create an alternative which hopefully captures the best of both. Sauce Haus provides flexibility to the modern home cook, who is short on time, environmentally conscious, with a passion for high quality meals and ingredients.

Now you can make quick and delicious meals using our sauces and recipes, without too much faffing about in the kitchen, giving you the freedom to use up fridge leftovers, or pick up some local produce.

All our packaging is plastic-free and home compostable and therefore a viable long-term solution for you and the planet.

Frequently asked questions

Are your sauces plant-based?

Correct! All our sauces are made without animal products.

You can add your own plant-based or animal proteins to our sauces depending on your preference.

How do you make your sauces?

We make our sauces in small batches using natural ingredients and don't use artificial flavours, colourings or preservatives.

Our sauces are frozen immediately after we make them to lock-in nutrition and flavour.

We think they are superior in quality and taste to jars you buy in the supermarket. Try them and let us know if you agree.

Do your sauces contain allergens?

You can see a list of known allergens and possible allergens both on our product website pages and on the back of our sauce pouches.

Can I choose my sauces?

You're welcome to choose from our current sauce range in any combination.

We have exciting plans to launch many more over 2023 which will give you more choice.

If you have any specific requirement please let us know and we will see what we can do.

How do you send your sauces?

Our sauces are delivered by courier in plastic-free paper-based insulated packaging. Head over to our sustainability page to find out more.

We also offer a pick-up service for customers based in Cornwall.

When will I get my order?

Currently it takes 2-4 days to ship your order (then 24 hours for it to be delivered by FedEx). Please bear with us - we are a very small team and working to expand our operations as quickly as possible.

How do I store the sauces?

The sauces arrive frozen so you can pop them straight in the freezer until you're ready to use.

You can defrost them immediately before use by putting them in a bowl of hot water for 5 minutes.

How does the pricing work?

There is a minimum order of 4 sauces. Because of the costs of sending them frozen to you, this is needed to make it commercially viable.

Each sauce is £5.50, making it £22 for 4. The more pouches you buy, the greater the discount!

Can I subscribe?

You can choose to purchase your sauces one-off or to sign up to a regular delivery interval of your choice for a discount.

Do you have recipes?

Absolutely! We have recommended recipes for each of our sauces and we have videos to show you the steps.

Alternatively, if you've got the skills, you are welcome to go off-piste and customise the sauces however you like.

Please do make sure to send us photos of your creations as we get excited about new ways to use our sauces! #mysaucehaus

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