How it works

  • 1. we deliver delicious frozen sauces

    Our chef-designed sauces are frozen to lock in flavour and nutrition. You store them in your freezer and defrost in hot water 5 mins before use.


    Choose whatEVER you fancy or use up what you have in the cupboards or fridge. OR Follow our suggested recipes. Have something different to your partner or friend, if you prefer.

  • 3. Create quick and easy meals

    Our delicious meals take 15 mins OR LESS from pouch to plate. use our recipes or go off-piste if the creative juices are flowing.

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Why choose us

Saves you time

We know that cooking a delicious sauce from scratch takes time and effort. it is an important component of a dish that can make or break a meal. Why settle for less? We have done the hard work so you don't have to.

Using our sauces takes less than 15 mins from pouch to plate. Plus you can follow our recipes to take the hassle out of cooking.

So put your pasta on and relax.


Saves you money

Meal for meal, we cost less than leading recipe boxes (up to £7.50 per serving) and plant-based ready meals (£4.50 per serving).

Sauce Haus is £2 per serving. Because you add your own protein and veg, we give you control over how much extra you spend.


designed by chefs

Each sauce is lovingly fine-tuned by our head chef and made from natural ingredients. They are substantial in terms of taste and nutrition.

Our plant-based sauces are cooked from scratch and frozen immediately to preserve their nutrition and flavour.


Put the planet first

Everything about our packaging is home compostable and plastic-free, including our sauce pouches, labels and insulated packaging. We even make our own ice packs because there aren't any plastic-free options on the market!

Other recipe box and ready meal providers only use recycled packaging. This makes us different to the rest.

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Greater Flexibility

Fancy tofu instead of chicken tonight? No problem.

If you forget to shop on the way home, grab a tin of lentils from the cupboard.

Last minute guests for dinner or a family to feed? Easily scale up our pouches for more servings.


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